AWS Account Management

Learn how to setup AWS accounts according to best practices, how to properly administer access to accounts with AWS IAM and how to monitor your AWS environment for security incidents.

AWS Security is the most difficult part to master when working with the AWS cloud. Not understanding AWS guardrails, grants and control mechanisms often lead to security breaches that can permanently damage companies’ reputations and make substantial financial loses. We often see improper AWS accounts and landing zones setup that drastically increase attack surface area.

Target audienceAWS Admins, DevOps
Course Duration2 full days
PrerequisitesBasic AWS knowledge, ideally already completed “AWS for IT teams” training
Price$1000 per participant per day
Attendance3 attendees minimum

This is in-person classroom training that goes over 2 full days. In the first day we go through AWS Identity and Access Management fundamentals, followed by multi-account architecture implementation with AWS Organizations and guardrail controls with Service Control Policies. The second day is focused on configuring delegated admins for cross-account access, logging and monitoring with AWS services such as AWS Single Sign On, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub and IAM Access Analyzer. We go into details of each service and look and how to understand and analyze findings from these services.


Day 1Day 2
• Introduction to AWS Accounts• AWS SSO
• AWS IAM• AWS Config
• Multi-Account Architecture• AWS CloudTrail
• AWS Organizations• Amazon GuardDuty
• Service Control Policies• AWS Security Hub
• AWS Control Tower• AWS IAM Access Analyzer

At the end of the course, you will have your own AWC account that is fully prepared for migrating/developing enterprise grade workloads in DEV, TEST and PROD AWS accounts and with security controls that will be able to satisfy any compliance standards.


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