AWS for Busy Executives

Introduction course tailored specifically to executives who need to decide on cloud strategy and future cloud direction of their companies. Demystification of AWS concepts with lots of practical do’s/don’ts based on our extensive experience working with AWS.

AWS is complex and big and growing bigger each day. For anyone who is not technically deep in the cloud subject, it is very hard to make an objective and rational cloud decision that will trigger digital transformation of the entire company. Executives need to understand the most critical and often not so pleasant AWS topics, such as data confidentiality, privacy, locality, AWS business continuity, Cloud Act and many other.

Target audienceC-level executives, Heads of IT
Course Duration3 hours
AttendanceNo min/max requirements

This is an information packed 3 hours in-person course where the trainers are sharing their experience working with AWS. We go under the covers of AWS Sales and Marketing and show what customers are being told by AWS and what they are actually getting in reality.


Day 1
• Cloud Computing
• AWS Cloud
• Security & Compliance
• Cost
• Migration
• Cloud Center of Excellence
• Support from AWS
• Take Away & Next Steps

At the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of AWS terminology, cost structure, migration programs, security and compliance programs. Based on our experience with other customers, we will also show you common mistakes, roadblocks, pain points and how to avoid them.


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