AWS for IT Teams

The most comprehensive AWS training that covers all foundational AWS concepts. From zero knowledge about AWS to a fully skilled AWS developer/admin in just 2 days! This is a unique AWS training that brings any IT team up to speed with AWS in the fastest possible way.

AWS has 250+ services that can be an overwhelming number when just starting with AWS. However, there are only a set of foundational services that all other services are built upon. The most basic ones are services that are related to networking, computing, security, databases and monitoring. Everything starts there and builds gradually upwards.

Target audienceDevelopers, DBAs, DevOps
Course Duration2 full days
Price$1500 per participant per day
Attendance5 attendees minimum

This is an information packed 2 days in-person course with 8 hands-on labs. Participants will understand how interaction with AWS works, what account boundaries are, how to work with VPCs, how to work with all three compute options (VM’s, containers and serverless Lambda), how to work with managed relational databases, with security and monitoring tooling.


Day 1Day 2
• Interacting with AWS• Databases (+ Lab)
• AWS Accounts (+ Lab)• Security (+ Lab)
• Networking (+ Lab)• Monitoring (+ Lab)
• Compute (+ 3 Labs)• Bonus

At the end of the course, you will have a fully functional application deployed in your account that will give you clear understanding of how foundational services are being used. This is a unique training that requires full participant attention but provides the best kick-start into AWS development that we have seen so far.


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