Python, from Beginner to Crypto Bot Trader

Learn how to program in Python language, have fun and maybe even earn some money! Use Python to develop a real world crypto trading bot and a web front-end in Flask framework.

Python is the most popular programming language today. It's usage spans across many different areas, from automating tasks, analysing large data files, machine learning tasks to creating websites and writing serverless functions in AWS Lambda or Azure Functions or GCP Cloud Functions.

Target audienceDevelopers
Course Duration2 full days
Price$1000 per participant per day
Attendance5 attendees minimum

This is in-person classroom training that goes over 2 full days. In the first day we go through Python fundamentals with 50 hands-on coding exercises. The second day is focused on building cryptocurrency trading bot from scratch. We get introduced to web development using the most popular Python web framework Flask. We cover the basic crypto trading techniques and then get our hands dirty with coding backend trading engine and a frontend web UI in Flask to control our trading engine.

The first day of the course is for beginners who never used Python before. The second day can be attended by experienced Python developers who want to get familiar with Flask web development and crypto trading topics.


Day 1Day 2
• Introduction• Web development in Python
• Python Setup and Virtual Environments• Crypto trading introduction
• Object and Data Structures• NoSQL and single-table database design
• Comparison Operators• Hands-on project: Building a real-world crypto trader bot with web UI
• Statements
• Methods and Functions
• Object Oriented Programming
• Modules and Packages
• Errors and Exception Handling
• Decorators
• Useful Python Modules

Coding exercises and the crypto bot development are done as step-by-step guided instructions by trainers.

At the end of the course, you will have a fully functioning crypto bot running on your local machine along with the local NoSQL database and a frontend to monitor and control the bot execution.


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