Terraform on Azure

Write, Plan and Apply. IaC made easy.

To manage its infrastructure declaratively as code, Terraform offers a wide range of functionality. The configuration files, which are typically stored in a Git repository, are used by Terraform as a single source of truth. These files are used, for example, to build infrastructure or to configure entire applications.

This two-days training in English or German offers a clearly understandable introduction to Terraform and a practical implementation part on Azure.

Target audienceDevelopers
Course Duration2 full days
Price$1000 per participant per day


Our trainings consist of varied presentations and hands-on labs to convey their content in an exciting way. We are happy to address individual questions in greater depth during the training.

Terraform on Azure

  • Basic concepts
  • New World: Cloud Engineering
  • Terraform Basics
    • Sense and Purpose
    • Structure, Files, Configuration, Providers
    • Resource, Data Source, Modules
  • Terraform Intermediate
    • Versions, Loops
    • Configuration files
  • Terraform Advanced
    • Modules, Arguments, CLI
  • Azure Workshop
    • AKS / LoadBalancer
    • MariaDB and Demo Application


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